Zone Out Therapy Room

GPS coordinates

Country United States
Geometry Type Point
latitude 44.052422020003
longitude -91.637300690048
DMS Lat 44° 3' 8.719" N
DMS Long 91° 38' 14.282" W
CSS Lat 44° 3' 8.719"
CSS Long -6h 6m 32.952s
UTM Easting 609,157.32
UTM Northing 4,878,597.93
UTM zone 15T
Category Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Country Code US
Zoom Level 9
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Address: 1201 Gilmore Ave #F1 Winona MN 55987

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 44.052422020003, -91.637300690048.

What is Ersdal Zone Therapy? Ersdal Zone Therapy is an complementary holistic therapy based on anatomy physiology immunology and pathology. Ersdal Zone Therapy encourages the body' s own healing process for normalizing body functions. It brings homeostasis to the client by stimulating and balancing the frequency activity in specific identifiable zones of the body. How is it administered? Tools are not necessary with Ersdal Zone Therapy. The hands are used to trigger approximately 700 points within each foot. Pressing with the knuckles and the fingers triggering precise reactions within the zones. A very specific pattern is followed addressing the characteristics of each area of the body. What is it' s origin? The signal system found in the feet and hands has been known for over four-thousand years. It was used as a healing method in India and China. This type of therapy is documented in Hieroglyphic writings on the walls of ancient Egyptian pyramids and in Inca ruins from the early 6th Dynasty about 2330 BC in the tomb of Akmahor (highest official after the king) in Saggara known as the Physicians tomb. It depicts therapies being done on the hands and the feet. Dr. William Fitzgerald an American nose and throat specialist (1872-1946) discovered that longitudinal zones in the body were connected to the hands and the feet. In 1916 Dr. Erwin F Browers published a response on Dr. Fitzgerald' s findings which he named Zone Therapy. By the middle of the 1900' s Zone Therapy had found its way to Scandinavia. Dr. Charles Ersdal MD MA was returned to his feet from paralysis with these techniques. He found that not all who tried the therapy had the same beneficial results. Beginning in 1969 his curiosity led him to begin extensive research and training in this dynamic therapy. His research involved detailed documentation of thousands of case histories. He developed valuable information and knowledge about how the innate signal system works and how it can be used in this therapy with remarkable results and success. Dr. Ersdal and his Center for Alternative Medicine in Kirstiansand Norway became famous not only in Europe but throughout the world. Though its origin was in reflexology Ersdal Zone Therapy has been found to be a signal system rather than a reflex system. How does the therapy work? Ersdal Zone Therapy utilizes ten zones within the body to activate the body' s own defense systems. When the therapist reaches a specific trigger point within the foot a signal is sent to the organ or tissue through a reflex arc up the spinal cord to the brain. Through the autonomic nervous system corrective signals are sent to the corresponding parts of the body. The foot is like a keyboard which has direct communication with the brain (the computer). From the foot signals are sent out to all the cells of the body. Ersdal Zone Therapy covers the individual in the entirety or whole. The Ersdal Zone Therapy helps your body to normalize: Blood Circulation Lymph Circulation Hormone Balance Autonomic Nervous System Digestive System Elimination System and Respiratory System. What can a client expect to experience? A Ersdal Zone Therapy session generally takes 30-45 minutes. Six sessions once a week for Six weeks are suggested to start a cleansing process. When an area (organ muscle function or system) is out of balance the client may experience temporary discomfort as the signal is being triggered. As the body becomes balanced the discomfort is no longer felt in successive therapies. This gives the client the opportunity to identify the imbalance and choose to assist his or her own body in the healing process. Essential oils flax and liquid mineral supplements. This is not a symptomatic therapy. Since the body has it' s own agenda for health results may vary by individual. Symptoms are relieved quite readily but change continues with each therapy. This form of therapy is not a quick fix and should be considered more as a routine to ensure better overall health and vitality. Your feet will monitor your progress and tell you when you are well. After the sixth session the client can then determine a month to month or 6 week schedule of maintenance. This therapy is also great for children and elderly to ensure immune balance and preventative health. Rules Of The Stomach These are guidelines that I have found helpful for improving my own health. They can be challenging to stick to - though the reward are better digestion and superior health. These were shared by Professor Bill Nelson inventor of the EPFX/SCIO device. Fluids alone (no more than 4 oz. of fluid with a meal or for two hours after a meal). No coffee at meals (wait for 1.5-2 hours after or 1 hour before eating). No milk with meals (wait for 1.5-2 hours after or 1 hour before eating). Fruits and melons alone (wait for 1.5-2 hours after or 1 hour before eating). Small meal is better. Quality of nutrition not quantity. Eat slowly. Savor enjoy rejoice and celebrate the meal. Eat for nutrition not for stimulation. Eat when hungry not when bored. Rest comfortably after eating for at least 35 to 45 min to maximize stomach function. Make and eat food with love and kindness no violent or negative emotions. No antacids. Do not sleep for at least 3 hours after eating. Additional Benefits for the Small Intestine (Secrets For A Long Life) One large (10 oz.) glass of weak grapefruit (or other citrus) juice first thing in the morning do not eat for 30 minutes afterwards. Exercise daily for 15 minutes minimum. Yoga once a day the back bend is best. Small amounts of pineapple or papaya are OK with a meal. Avoid overeating and excess snacking let the colon rest during the day. Avoid eating processed sugars and foods. Avoid eating the same foods ever day. Rotate foods. Avoid eating too many potatoes tomatoes peppers eggplant tobacco all of these atropinus belladonna type foods are hard on the small intestine. Do Not Smoke. Make soft fiber and hard fiber a daily addition to your meals. When you need to defecate do so. Do not over repress the urge. If you have to use an enema as soon as you can after. The stomach is an important part of our anatomy. Food entering our mouths must be properly prepared for digestion. After being chewed and masticated by the mouth the food is now sent to the stomach for further processing. The stomach mixes the food in an acid bath for further break-up of the nutrients. When the stomach acid starts to shift toward alkaline (about 5.5 pH) the pylorus valve at the base of the stomach opens and the food is passed along to the primary digestive organ the small intestine. Nature has provided us with a nervous system that regulates this process. This nervous system is designed to prefer muscle action over digestion. So if a threat or stress comes to us after a meal such as a lion attack our body will shift its energy from digestion to the muscles and we can survive by running away. In our present society we have few lions but our nerves can still stop digestion just as easily. When we allow the stomach to empty its contents prematurely the small intestine is overburdened. The food is not properly prepared for digestion. Then we get an increase in large undigested proteins and large undigested fats that can be absorbed into the lymphatic system. This will enter the free fatty acid and amino acid pool and either clog up the lymphatic system or be used to make cells cells which will now be made of poor quality parts. It is not much of a problem if we circumvent the stomach now and then but for some this becomes a way of life. Constant use antacids too much liquid with meals coffee or milk all empty the stomach too early. When the stomach empties there is a release of CCK a hormone which causes slight anti-depression or euphoria. This and the release of the stuffy stomach feeling intensify the addictive quality of the effect. But the long-term effects on nutrition are very detrimental. These rules of the stomach maximize nutrition. Observing the rules of the stomach can be the key to weight loss and the healing of a host of other diseases. We are seeing more and more evidence of what good nutrition can do. But it is not just what we eat that is important but what we absorb. Even the best meal or nutrition can result in inappropriate nutrition if we violate the rules of the stomach. Food combining is just part of the answer. Another part is that different foods have to be eaten at different times for stomach digestion. Failure to follow this rule will cause the stomach to open prematurely. When the stomach is weak the signs will be craving fluids with a meal bloating after a meal itching skin (especially of the rectum) belching and gas. It will be difficult to digest raw vegetables. You must work slowly day by day building up the stomach by taking some vegetables as juice maybe even very dilute juice and slowly increasing the amount till your stomach develops the strength to process your food properly. The nutrient content of fruits and vegetables is immense and being able to break up the nutrients and stimulate absorption is needed for complete health and recovery. The addictive quality of this problem is seen as our society increasingly breaks the rules of the stomach. The greater your disease or especially if your disease is critical the more you will need to observe the rules of the stomach. This is a must for proper healing. With much gratitude and appreciation to Professor Bill Nelson inventor of the EPFX/SCIO for sharing the above information: Rules of The Stomach. This information is given for informational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The therapist therapy or products do not intend to treat cure diagnose prescribe or heal any disease or condition or disease. This information is not intended to be used in lieu of professional medical advise or services.

Zone Out Therapy Room is located at 44° 3' 8.719" N / 91° 38' 14.282" W / 44.052422020003; -91.637300690048

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