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Geographic coordinates of vermont

GPS coordinates

Country united states
Geometry Type Point
latitude 44.000000
longitude -72.699997
DMS Lat 44° 0' 0" N
DMS Long 72° 41' 59.989" W
CSS Lat 44° 0' 0"
CSS Long -4h 50m 47.999s
UTM Easting 684,402.50
UTM Northing 4,874,444.62
UTM zone 18T
Category Cities
Country Code US
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of vermont is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 44.000000, -72.699997.

Vermont ( (listen)) is a northeastern state in the New England region of the United States. It borders the states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, and New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Vermont is the only state in New England that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont is the second-least-populated U.S. state and the sixth-smallest by area of the 50 U.S. states. The state capital is Montpelier, the least-populous state capital in the United States. The most-populous city, Burlington, is the least-populous city to be the most-populous city in a state.
For some 12,000 years, indigenous peoples inhabited this area. The historically competitive tribes of the Algonquian-speaking Abenaki and Iroquoian-speaking Mohawk were active in the area at the time of European encounter.
During the 17th century, French colonists claimed the territory as part of the Kingdom of France's colony of New France. After the Kingdom of Great Britain began to settle colonies to the south along the Atlantic coast, the two nations competed in North America in addition to Europe. For years, each country enlisted Native American allies in continuous raiding and warfare between the New England and New France colonies. This produced an active trade in captives taken during such raids, often held for ransom, although some captives were adopted by families into the Mohawk or Abenaki tribes.
After being defeated in 1763 in the Seven Years' War, France ceded its territory east of the Mississippi River to Great Britain. Thereafter, the nearby British Thirteen Colonies, especially the provinces of New Hampshire and New York, disputed the extent of the area called the New Hampshire Grants to the west of the Connecticut River, encompassing present-day Vermont. The provincial government of New York sold land grants to settlers in the region, which conflicted with earlier grants from the government of New Hampshire. The Green Mountain Boys militia protected the interests of the established New Hampshire land grant settlers against the newly arrived settlers with land titles granted by New York.
Ultimately, a group of settlers with New Hampshire land grant titles established the Vermont Republic in 1777 as an independent state during the American Revolutionary War. The Vermont Republic abolished slavery before any of the other states. Vermont was also the first state to produce an African-American university graduate, Alexander Twilight, in 1823.
Vermont was admitted to the newly established United States as the fourteenth state in 1791. Vermont is one of the four U.S. states that were previously sovereign states (along with Texas, California, and Hawaii).
During the mid-19th century, Vermont was a strong source of abolitionist sentiment, although it was also tied to King Cotton through the development of textile mills in the region, which relied on southern cotton. It sent a significant contingent of soldiers to participate in the American Civil War.
The geography of the state is marked by the Green Mountains, which run north–south up the middle of the state, separating Lake Champlain and other valley terrain on the west from the Connecticut River valley that defines much of its eastern border. A majority of its terrain is forested with hardwoods and conifers, and a majority of its open land is devoted to agriculture. The state's climate is characterized by warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters.
Vermont's economic activity of $34 billion in 2018 ranked 52nd on the list of U.S. states and territories by GDP (every state plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico were larger), but 34th in GDP per capita. In 1960, Vermonters' politics started to shift from being reliably Republican toward favoring Democratic candidates. Starting in 1963, Vermont voters have alternated between electing Republican and Democratic governors. Since 2007, Vermont has elected only Democrats and independents to Congress. In 2000, the state legislature was the first to recognize civil unions for same-sex couples. In 2011–2012, the state officially recognized four Abenaki tribes.

The Farm Between

latitude 44.645133
longitude -72.855095
DMS Lat 44° 38' 42.479" N
DMS Long 72° 51' 18.342" W
CSS Lat 44° 38' 42.479"
CSS Long -4h 51m 25.223s
UTM Easting 670,092.12
UTM Northing 4,945,768.20

Donnell Belgians

latitude 44.04088
longitude -73.11538
DMS Lat 44° 2' 27.168" N
DMS Long 73° 6' 55.368" W
CSS Lat 44° 2' 27.168"
CSS Long -4h 52m 27.691s
UTM Easting 650,994.90
UTM Northing 4,878,139.96

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

latitude 44.366031043786
longitude -73.232702562299
DMS Lat 44° 21' 57.712" N
DMS Long 73° 13' 57.729" W
CSS Lat 44° 21' 57.712"
CSS Long -4h 52m 55.849s
UTM Easting 640,818.03
UTM Northing 4,914,047.25

Beau's Maple Leaf Rabbitry

latitude 43.19168
longitude -72.582557
DMS Lat 43° 11' 30.048" N
DMS Long 72° 34' 57.205" W
CSS Lat 43° 11' 30.048"
CSS Long -4h 50m 19.814s
UTM Easting 696,431.96
UTM Northing 4,784,938.06

Lyndon Youth Baseball Softball

latitude 44.53324
longitude -71.98857
DMS Lat 44° 31' 59.664" N
DMS Long 71° 59' 18.852" W
CSS Lat 44° 31' 59.664"
CSS Long -4h 47m 57.257s
UTM Easting 262,548.54
UTM Northing 4,935,446.55


latitude 44.49637
longitude -72.00411
DMS Lat 44° 29' 46.932" N
DMS Long 72° 0' 14.796" W
CSS Lat 44° 29' 46.932"
CSS Long -4h 48m 0.986s
UTM Easting 738,183.34
UTM Northing 4,931,372.33

Bamboozle Skateboard Co.

latitude 42.61435
longitude -70.66811
DMS Lat 42° 36' 51.66" N
DMS Long 70° 40' 5.196" W
CSS Lat 42° 36' 51.66"
CSS Long -4h 42m 40.346s
UTM Easting 363,186.23
UTM Northing 4,719,339.10

Vermont Ninja Warrior Training Center

latitude 44.501129
longitude -73.042641
DMS Lat 44° 30' 4.064" N
DMS Long 73° 2' 33.508" W
CSS Lat 44° 30' 4.064"
CSS Long -4h 52m 10.234s
UTM Easting 655,603.21
UTM Northing 4,929,397.93


latitude 44.33454
longitude -72.75139
DMS Lat 44° 20' 4.344" N
DMS Long 72° 45' 5.004" W
CSS Lat 44° 20' 4.344"
CSS Long -4h 51m 0.334s
UTM Easting 679,265.38
UTM Northing 4,911,489.52

Luke's custom signs and more

latitude 44.55244
longitude -72.88114
DMS Lat 44° 33' 8.784" N
DMS Long 72° 52' 52.104" W
CSS Lat 44° 33' 8.784"
CSS Long -4h 51m 31.474s
UTM Easting 668,294.21
UTM Northing 4,935,417.77