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GPS coordinates

Country uzbekistan
Geometry Type Point
latitude 41
longitude 64
DMS Lat 41° 0' 0" N
DMS Long 64° 0' 0" E
CSS Lat 41° 0' 0"
CSS Long 4h 16m 0s
UTM Easting 584,102.13
UTM Northing 4,539,238.59
UTM zone 41T
Category Countries
Country Code UZ
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of uzbekistan is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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uzbekistan Infomation statics

capital Tashkent
region Asia
subregion Central Asia
demonym Uzbekistani
population 31,576,400
native Name O‘zbekiston

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 41, 64.

Uzbekistan (UK: , US: ; Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston, pronounced [ozbekiˈstɒn]), officially the Republic of Uzbekistan (Uzbek: Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi), is a country in Central Asia. It is surrounded by five landlocked countries: Kazakhstan to the north; Kyrgyzstan to the northeast; Tajikistan to the southeast; Afghanistan to the south and Turkmenistan to the south-west. Along with Liechtenstein, it is one of two doubly landlocked countries.
As a sovereign state, Uzbekistan is a secular, unitary constitutional republic. It comprises 12 provinces (vilayats) and one autonomous republic, Karakalpakstan. The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan is Tashkent.
What is now Uzbekistan was in ancient times part of the Iranian-speaking region of Transoxiana and Turan. The first recorded settlers were Eastern Iranian nomads, known as Scythians, who founded kingdoms in Khwarazm (8th–6th centuries BC), Bactria (8th–6th centuries BCE), Sogdia (8th–6th centuries BCE), Fergana (3rd century BCE – 6th century CE), and Margiana (3rd century BCE – 6th century CE). The area was incorporated into the Iranian Achaemenid Empire and, after a period of Macedonian Greek rule, was ruled by the Iranian Parthian Empire and later by the Sasanian Empire, until the Muslim conquest of Persia in the seventh century. The Muslim conquest in the 7th century converted the majority of the population, including the local ruling classes, into adherents of Islam. During this period, cities such as Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara began to grow rich from the Silk Road, and witnessed the emergence of leading figures of the Islamic Golden Age, including Muhammad al-Bukhari, Al-Tirmidhi, Ismail Samani, al-Biruni, and Avicenna. The local Khwarazmian dynasty, and Central Asia as a whole, were decimated by the Mongol invasion in the 13th century. After the Mongol Conquests, the area became increasingly dominated by Turkic peoples. The city of Shahrisabz was the birthplace of the Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur (Tamerlane), who in the 14th century established the Timurid Empire and was proclaimed the Supreme Emir of Turan with his capital in Samarkand, which became a centre of science under the rule of Ulugh Beg, giving birth to the Timurid Renaissance. The territories of the Timurid dynasty were conquered by Uzbek Shaybanids in the 16th century, moving the centre of power from Samarkand to Bukhara. The region was split into three states: Khanate of Khiva, Khanate of Kokand and Emirate of Bukhara. Conquests by Emperor Babur towards the East led the foundation of India's proto-industrialised Mughal Empire. It was gradually incorporated into the Russian Empire during the 19th century, with Tashkent becoming the political center of Russian Turkestan. In 1924, after national delimitation, the constituent republic of the Soviet Union known as the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic was created. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it declared independence as the Republic of Uzbekistan on 31 August 1991.
Uzbekistan has a diverse cultural heritage due to its storied history and strategic location. Its constitutional official language is Uzbek, a Turkic language written in a modified Latin alphabet and spoken natively by approximately 85% of the population. Russian has widespread use as an inter-ethnic communication language and as a language of governance. Uzbeks constitute 81% of the population, followed by Russians (5.4%), Tajiks (4.0%), Kazakhs (3.0%) and others (6.5%). Muslims constitute 79% of the population while 5% of the population follow Russian Orthodox Christianity and 16% of the population follow other religions or are non-religious. A majority of Uzbeks are non-denominational Muslims. Uzbekistan is a member of the CIS, OSCE, UN and the SCO. While officially a democratic republic, by 2008 non-governmental human rights organisations defined Uzbekistan as "an authoritarian state with limited civil rights".Following the death of Islam Karimov in 2016, the second president, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, started a new course, which was described as a A Quiet Revolution and Revolution from Above. He stated he intended to abolish cotton slavery, systematic use of child labour, and exit visas, and to introduce a tax reform and create four new free economic zones and he has amnestied some political prisoners. Relations with the neighbouring countries of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan drastically improved. However, the Amnesty International report on human rights in the country for 2017/2018 described continued repressive measures, including forced labour in cotton harvesting, and restrictions on the movement of 'freed' prisoners.The Uzbek economy is in a gradual transition to the market economy, with foreign trade policy being based on import substitution. In September 2017, the country's currency became fully convertible at market rates. Uzbekistan is a major producer and exporter of cotton. With the gigantic power-generation facilities of the Soviet era and an ample supply of natural gas, Uzbekistan has become the largest electricity producer in Central Asia. As of late 2018, the republic was given a BB- rating by both Standard and Poor (S&P) and Fitch. Strengths indicated by Brookings Institution include Uzbekistan having large liquid assets, high economic growth and low public debt. Among the constraints holding the republic back are low GDP per capita, something the government could influence by changing how it accounts for sectors of the economy not currently included.

latitude 41.312584716275
longitude 69.287295341492
DMS Lat 41° 18' 45.305" N
DMS Long 69° 17' 14.263" E
CSS Lat 41° 18' 45.305"
CSS Long 4h 37m 8.951s
UTM Easting 524,047.48
UTM Northing 4,573,497.68


latitude 41.274561056583
longitude 69.204742312431
DMS Lat 41° 16' 28.42" N
DMS Long 69° 12' 17.072" E
CSS Lat 41° 16' 28.42"
CSS Long 4h 36m 49.138s
UTM Easting 517,147.49
UTM Northing 4,569,256.88


latitude 41.297122393252
longitude 69.281222820282
DMS Lat 41° 17' 49.641" N
DMS Long 69° 16' 52.402" E
CSS Lat 41° 17' 49.641"
CSS Long 4h 37m 7.493s
UTM Easting 523,544.75
UTM Northing 4,571,779.45

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latitude 41.324490260958
longitude 69.296050071716
DMS Lat 41° 19' 28.165" N
DMS Long 69° 17' 45.78" E
CSS Lat 41° 19' 28.165"
CSS Long 4h 37m 11.052s
UTM Easting 524,775.77
UTM Northing 4,574,821.84

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latitude 41.271871879681
longitude 69.271717071533
DMS Lat 41° 16' 18.739" N
DMS Long 69° 16' 18.181" E
CSS Lat 41° 16' 18.739"
CSS Long 4h 37m 5.212s
UTM Easting 522,757.68
UTM Northing 4,568,973.73


latitude 41.325408770986
longitude 69.265365600586
DMS Lat 41° 19' 31.472" N
DMS Long 69° 15' 55.316" E
CSS Lat 41° 19' 31.472"
CSS Long 4h 37m 3.688s
UTM Easting 522,207.54
UTM Northing 4,574,915.51


latitude 41.332224677685
longitude 69.295299053192
DMS Lat 41° 19' 56.009" N
DMS Long 69° 17' 43.077" E
CSS Lat 41° 19' 56.009"
CSS Long 4h 37m 10.872s
UTM Easting 524,710.00
UTM Northing 4,575,680.27


latitude 41.328131996546
longitude 69.277725219727
DMS Lat 41° 19' 41.275" N
DMS Long 69° 16' 39.811" E
CSS Lat 41° 19' 41.275"
CSS Long 4h 37m 6.654s
UTM Easting 523,240.91
UTM Northing 4,575,221.06

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latitude 41.289264057637
longitude 69.2732770976
DMS Lat 41° 17' 21.351" N
DMS Long 69° 16' 23.798" E
CSS Lat 41° 17' 21.351"
CSS Long 4h 37m 5.587s
UTM Easting 522,882.26
UTM Northing 4,570,904.93


latitude 41.293511168972
longitude 69.221924543381
DMS Lat 41° 17' 36.64" N
DMS Long 69° 13' 18.928" E
CSS Lat 41° 17' 36.64"
CSS Long 4h 36m 53.262s
UTM Easting 518,581.16
UTM Northing 4,571,364.17