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Geographic coordinates of swaziland

GPS coordinates

Country swaziland
Geometry Type Point
latitude -26.5
longitude 31.5
DMS Lat 26° 30' 0" S
DMS Long 31° 30' 0" E
CSS Lat -26° 30' 0"
CSS Long 2h 6m 0s
UTM Easting 350,514.32
UTM Northing 7,068,069.16
UTM zone 36J
Category Countries
Country Code SZ
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of swaziland is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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swaziland Infomation statics

capital Lobamba
region Africa
subregion Southern Africa
demonym Swazi
population 1,132,657
native Name Swaziland

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: -26.5, 31.5.

Eswatini ( ESS-wah-TEE-nee; Swazi: eSwatini [ɛswáˈtʼiːni]), officially the Kingdom of Eswatini (Swazi: Umbuso weSwatini) and formerly known in English as Swaziland ( SWAH-zee-land; officially renamed in 2018), is a landlocked country in Southern Africa. It is bordered by Mozambique to its northeast and South Africa to its north, west, and south. At no more than 200 kilometres (120 mi) north to south and 130 kilometres (81 mi) east to west, Eswatini is one of the smallest countries in Africa; despite this, its climate and topography are diverse, ranging from a cool and mountainous highveld to a hot and dry lowveld.
The population is composed primarily of ethnic Swazis. The language is Swazi (siSwati in native form). The Swazis established their kingdom in the mid-18th century under the leadership of Ngwane III. The country and the Swazi take their names from Mswati II, the 19th-century king under whose rule Swazi territory was expanded and unified; the present boundaries were drawn up in 1881 in the midst of the Scramble for Africa. After the Second Boer War, the kingdom, under the name of Swaziland, was a British protectorate from 1903 until it regained its independence on 6 September 1968. In April 2018, the official name was changed from Kingdom of Swaziland to Kingdom of Eswatini, mirroring the name commonly used in Swazi.The government is an absolute monarchy, ruled by King Mswati III since 1986. Elections are held every five years to determine the House of Assembly and the Senate majority. The current constitution was adopted in 2005. Umhlanga, the reed dance held in August/September, and incwala, the kingship dance held in December/January, are the nation's most important events.Eswatini is a developing country with a small economy. With a GDP per capita of $4,145.97, it is classified as a country with a lower-middle income. As a member of the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), its main local trading partner is South Africa; in order to ensure economic stability, Eswatini's currency, the lilangeni, is pegged to the South African rand. Eswatini's major overseas trading partners are the United States and the European Union. The majority of the country's employment is provided by its agricultural and manufacturing sectors. Eswatini is a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the United Nations.
The Swazi population faces major health issues: HIV/AIDS and (to a lesser extent) tuberculosis are widespread. It is estimated that 26% of the adult population is HIV-positive. As of 2018, Eswatini has the 12th-lowest life expectancy in the world, at 58 years. The population of Eswatini is young, with a median age of 20.5 years and people aged 14 years or younger constituting 37.5% of the country's total population. The present population growth rate is 1.2%.

Christian bible church

latitude -26.3167
longitude 31.1333
DMS Lat 26° 19' 0.12" S
DMS Long 31° 7' 59.88" E
CSS Lat -26° 19' 0.12"
CSS Long 2h 4m 31.992s
UTM Easting 313,668.63
UTM Northing 7,087,896.89

Glorious Impact Ministries-SWD a.k.a Believers World of Power

latitude -26.49499
longitude 31.31881
DMS Lat 26° 29' 41.964" S
DMS Long 31° 19' 7.716" E
CSS Lat -26° 29' 41.964"
CSS Long 2h 5m 16.514s
UTM Easting 332,447.21
UTM Northing 7,068,400.41

Bee's GlutaSpa & Slimming Centre

latitude -26.32604
longitude 31.1411
DMS Lat 26° 19' 33.744" S
DMS Long 31° 8' 27.96" E
CSS Lat -26° 19' 33.744"
CSS Long 2h 4m 33.864s
UTM Easting 314,462.27
UTM Northing 7,086,873.39

Legends Backpacker Lodge

latitude -26.440179
longitude 31.1833356
DMS Lat 26° 26' 24.644" S
DMS Long 31° 11' 0.008" E
CSS Lat -26° 26' 24.644"
CSS Long 2h 4m 44.001s
UTM Easting 318,856.92
UTM Northing 7,074,288.67

Berracah Auto Spares & Tyres

latitude -26.4932
longitude 31.3882
DMS Lat 26° 29' 35.52" S
DMS Long 31° 23' 17.52" E
CSS Lat -26° 29' 35.52"
CSS Long 2h 5m 33.168s
UTM Easting 339,361.48
UTM Northing 7,068,687.40


latitude -28.304380682963
longitude 30.234375
DMS Lat 28° 18' 15.77" S
DMS Long 30° 14' 3.75" E
CSS Lat -28° 18' 15.77"
CSS Long 2h 0m 56.25s
UTM Easting 228,786.31
UTM Northing 6,865,973.87

Big Bend, Swaziland

latitude -26.8167
longitude 31.9333
DMS Lat 26° 49' 0.12" S
DMS Long 31° 55' 59.88" E
CSS Lat -26° 49' 0.12"
CSS Long 2h 7m 43.992s
UTM Easting 393,992.45
UTM Northing 7,033,421.44

ANSAR Electrical Contractors

latitude -26.4833
longitude 31.3667
DMS Lat 26° 28' 59.88" S
DMS Long 31° 22' 0.12" E
CSS Lat -26° 28' 59.88"
CSS Long 2h 5m 28.008s
UTM Easting 337,204.41
UTM Northing 7,069,757.03

U.S. Embassy Eswatini

latitude -26.44235
longitude 31.19016
DMS Lat 26° 26' 32.46" S
DMS Long 31° 11' 24.576" E
CSS Lat -26° 26' 32.46"
CSS Long 2h 4m 45.638s
UTM Easting 319,540.92
UTM Northing 7,074,057.75

The Rock Of Ages

latitude -25.907718011579
longitude 31.464414596558
DMS Lat 25° 54' 27.785" S
DMS Long 31° 27' 51.893" E
CSS Lat -25° 54' 27.785"
CSS Long 2h 5m 51.46s
UTM Easting 346,190.86
UTM Northing 7,133,635.05