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GPS coordinates

Country singapore
Geometry Type Point
latitude 1.36666666
longitude 103.8
DMS Lat 1° 21' 60" N
DMS Long 103° 48' 0" E
CSS Lat 1° 21' 60"
CSS Long 6h 55m 12s
UTM Easting 366,497.96
UTM Northing 151,091.36
UTM zone 48N
Category Countries
Country Code SG
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of singapore is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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singapore Infomation statics

capital Singapore
region Asia
subregion South-Eastern Asia
demonym Singaporean
population 5,535,000
native Name Singapore

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 1.36666666, 103.8.

Singapore ( (listen)), officially the Republic of Singapore, is a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia. It lies about one degree of latitude (137 kilometres or 85 miles) north of the equator, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, bordering the Straits of Malacca to the west, the Riau Islands to the south, and the South China Sea to the east. The country's territory is composed of one main island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and one outlying islet, the combined area of which has increased by 25% since the country's independence as a result of extensive land reclamation projects. It has the second greatest population density in the world. The country is home to almost 5.7 million residents, 61% (3.4 million) of whom are Singaporean citizens. There are four official languages of Singapore: English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil; with English being the lingua franca. This reflects in its rich cultural diversity and extensive ethnic cuisine and major festivals. Multiracialism is enshrined in the constitution, and continues to shape national policies in education, housing, and politics.
Although its history stretches back millennia, modern Singapore was founded in 1819 by Sir Stamford Raffles as a trading post of the British Empire. In 1867, the colonies in East Asia were reorganised and Singapore came under the direct control of Britain as part of the Straits Settlements. During the Second World War, Singapore was occupied by Japan in 1942, but returned to British control as a separate crown colony following Japan's surrender in 1945. Singapore gained self-governance in 1959, and in 1963 became part of the new federation of Malaysia, alongside Malaya, North Borneo, and Sarawak. Ideological differences led to Singapore being expelled from the federation two years later, thereby becoming an independent country. Since then, Singapore is considered the only fully sovereign city-state in the world, with its own currency and technologically advanced military forces.
After early years of turbulence and despite lacking natural resources and a hinterland, the nation rapidly developed to become one of the Four Asian Tigers based on external trade, becoming a highly developed country; it is ranked ninth on the UN Human Development Index, and has the seventh-highest GDP per capita in the world. Singapore is the only country in Asia with an AAA sovereign rating from all major rating agencies. It is a major financial and shipping hub, consistently ranked the most expensive city to live in since 2013, and has been identified as a tax haven. Singapore is placed highly in key social indicators: education, healthcare, quality of life, personal safety and housing, with a home-ownership rate of 91%. Singaporeans enjoy one of the world's longest life expectancies, fastest Internet connection speeds and one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.
Singapore is a unitary parliamentary republic with a Westminster system of unicameral parliamentary government. Singapore is widely regarded to have an incorrupt and meritocratic government, with a fair judiciary and strong rule of law. While the country practices parliamentary democracy, the government has significant control over politics and society, and the People's Action Party has ruled continuously since independence. One of the five founding members of ASEAN, Singapore is also the headquarters of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat and Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) Secretariat, as well as many international conferences and events. Singapore is also a member of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, East Asia Summit, Non-Aligned Movement and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Orchard Central

latitude 1.3008203999574
longitude 103.83982581366
DMS Lat 1° 18' 2.953" N
DMS Long 103° 50' 23.373" E
CSS Lat 1° 18' 2.953"
CSS Long 6h 55m 21.558s
UTM Easting 370,925.84
UTM Northing 143,809.66

Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church

latitude 1.3473040175252
longitude 103.85481521303
DMS Lat 1° 20' 50.294" N
DMS Long 103° 51' 17.335" E
CSS Lat 1° 20' 50.294"
CSS Long 6h 55m 25.156s
UTM Easting 372,596.07
UTM Northing 148,947.79

Medals N Bibs

latitude 1.42439
longitude 103.848793
DMS Lat 1° 25' 27.804" N
DMS Long 103° 50' 55.655" E
CSS Lat 1° 25' 27.804"
CSS Long 6h 55m 23.71s
UTM Easting 371,930.14
UTM Northing 157,470.20

NUS Biathlon

latitude 1.2999901
longitude 103.7752533
DMS Lat 1° 17' 59.964" N
DMS Long 103° 46' 30.912" E
CSS Lat 1° 17' 59.964"
CSS Long 6h 55m 6.061s
UTM Easting 363,740.76
UTM Northing 143,721.26

Ultra Biathlon

latitude 1.34164
longitude 103.96191
DMS Lat 1° 20' 29.904" N
DMS Long 103° 57' 42.876" E
CSS Lat 1° 20' 29.904"
CSS Long 6h 55m 50.858s
UTM Easting 384,511.67
UTM Northing 148,316.30

Palladium Boots Singapore

latitude 1.3319937462876
longitude 103.89139652252
DMS Lat 1° 19' 55.177" N
DMS Long 103° 53' 29.027" E
CSS Lat 1° 19' 55.177"
CSS Long 6h 55m 33.935s
UTM Easting 376,665.56
UTM Northing 147,253.34

TCX Boots Asia

latitude 1.33525
longitude 103.90262
DMS Lat 1° 20' 6.9" N
DMS Long 103° 54' 9.432" E
CSS Lat 1° 20' 6.9"
CSS Long 6h 55m 36.629s
UTM Easting 377,914.51
UTM Northing 147,612.76

Premieretrans Services Travel And Tour Sdn Bhd

latitude 1.4971834983988
longitude 103.74142348766
DMS Lat 1° 29' 49.861" N
DMS Long 103° 44' 29.125" E
CSS Lat 1° 29' 49.861"
CSS Long 6h 54m 57.942s
UTM Easting 359,988.12
UTM Northing 165,524.32

Bhandari's Saffron

latitude 1.31491
longitude 103.85716
DMS Lat 1° 18' 53.676" N
DMS Long 103° 51' 25.776" E
CSS Lat 1° 18' 53.676"
CSS Long 6h 55m 25.718s
UTM Easting 372,855.31
UTM Northing 145,366.42

Robertson Walk, Singapore

latitude 1.2917804698661
longitude 103.84125695945
DMS Lat 1° 17' 30.41" N
DMS Long 103° 50' 28.525" E
CSS Lat 1° 17' 30.41"
CSS Long 6h 55m 21.902s
UTM Easting 371,084.62
UTM Northing 142,810.19