Padraic R Smith - Music

GPS coordinates

Country United States
Geometry Type Point
latitude 35.413256811285
longitude -80.67174911499
DMS Lat 35° 24' 47.725" N
DMS Long 80° 40' 18.297" W
CSS Lat 35° 24' 47.725"
CSS Long -5h 22m 41.22s
UTM Easting 529,802.12
UTM Northing 3,918,922.71
UTM zone 17S
Category local business
Country Code US
Zoom Level 9
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Address: Cabarrus North Carolina

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 35.413256811285, -80.67174911499.

Padraic (pronounced PADrake) Smith Musician - Music arranger / Songwriter Instruments: Piano Keyboards Drums and Percussion Singing {- recording studio} From the Mid-West America Padraic has played music professionally in Queensland Australia .. Lansing Michigan and Novi Michigan .. Phoenix Arizona (2001) .. Lansing Michigan } .. and in Austin area Texas (2012). He has played on several studio releases including piano and keyboards on Forrest Maher' s 2006 release Little Moon Eagle Feather. 08/2013 Started playing again (after relocation to North Carolina) .. but by that year' s end was forced to take time off for family reasons. 10/2016 He is playing music! ***************************************************************************************** Having started formal piano instruction at 7 years old -- Padraic Smith is a musician. He' s played over 800 shows around the world {the U.S. and Australia}. His first show (that wasn' t a piano recital) was in a live band contest at the beginning of his 9th grade year ... As a drummer behind the drum set. Fastforward to today: His piano playing has a certain punch and has always a flow to it directly resulting from when he was such a talented drummer at a young age. Padraic' s instrumental piano acumen is his greatest of his many abilities ... During 9th grade he was named piano player for his high school jazz band. Although he did not continue in the jazz direction his talent playing progressive music and melodic rock passages (his true calling) is undeniable. Padraic has not ever played somewhere where the audience had any issue with what he performed ... Rather it' s compliments and smiles on peoples' faces .. Throughout Mid-Michigan ... Phoenix Arizona ... Central Texas and now the Carolinas. Padraic' s performance leans on his own compositions which are on CDs that have been sold around the world ... But Padraic having Perfect Pitch can also can hear a suggested song that someone likes - get the song and learn it and play it a week or two later ... just like it sounds on the radio. -- Being able to play from memory Padraic can look over and read the audience during the song. This is how he adds pieces or drops others - depending on said crowd and the way the crowd can change during a show ... Meaning Padraic' s setlist is an immediately bendable and dynamic entity. .. Padraic is again turning heads with a cross-over appeal time tested set of music - appreciated anywhere in the U.S.A. and the world. The other side of what Padraic does is contributing with other artists on studio projects ... here and overseas. - Gus Carrol _______________________________________________________________ Hi Padraic here ... Recording - Bands and groups recording music: I am available for session work. I can play the keyboards on any kind of music (genre) ... Melodic rock country or hip-hop etc.. I have Perfect Pitch and I can show up at the studio listen to a song (or two) a couple times choose sounds and start laying down quality keyboard parts! Mssg me for my hourly rates. If you need help with the actual song in the arrangement [chorus or bridge for instance] - I am the very best at that so I can help you there ... as long as I' m credited visibly. Live keyboard appearances - People interested in booking me to play my instrumental piano show in your establishment ... I can be booked for: Three dates 2.5 hours per night (I' ll play another 1/2 hour if the people are into it) for $180. $60/gig Two dates 2.5 hours per night for $120. $60/gig - With this I help with promotion and listings. I no longer give demos or accept one-gig offers ... for the reason that this music market {Western North Carolina} is very vocals-heavy .. with virtually no instrumental acts. ... I play and the clientele in the place is really digging it (I know this because they tell me after the end of my set enthusiastically) - - But then the manager or owner is confused - because they' re used to hearing singing and there isn' t singing. [There' s definitely melody - often more than from the band or trio that played two nights before] ... So it takes at least two gigs for the managers and owners to absorb the commercial viability of the performance. ... And live music-wise this isn' t at the moment a consumers' market .. That is the clientele responding really positively to the music we' ve noticed is usually secondary to the management liking it. Playing regularly at your establishment I am a team player (as I proved to be as feature musician at the English Inn Lansing Michigan 2005-2011) ... I work within the venue I don' t walk around like I am the ‘main thing’ in the place. BUSINESS (continued) -- .. However I (without getting in the way of staff) do like to talk to the guests ... meet them and get to know them as they like. The clientele -> Loves this. While keeping everything `professional` it is an asset to the establishment when the guests get to learn a couple things about the artist and have a connection with him ... I bring this up because I played at two places in 2017 where there was somebody who didn’t like it. (Most recently in Concord. ... Even though the guests were very happy .. the idea was my presence is actually seen as taking away from attention on the manager {Who was the sole focus of ' attention' before they had me playing music there ..... I found this to be ridiculous the wrong thing for their business and unacceptable. .. Along with an owner who wasn' t being the owner.) When I play music somewhere it' s different than it is at many of the places right now who have music - solo act duo or trio - When I' m playing at your establishment people notice (in a good way) ... not like some places. You go out somewhere the music act maybe brings their " " following" " of 6 or 8 people .. who are into them and cheer ... but THE WHOLE REST OF the place is oblivious to them. I' ve dealt with proprietors who that' s actually what they' re going for - That ... One night. I might play a gig there .. While knowing the owner / owners have no idea how to build a fanbase of THEIR VENUE - Which is done over time with a *sound identity* .. along with whatever great food and drink they have ... and a (usually) charismatic owner or manager. This (whether it' s one excellent act steadily on Saturdays rotating another Fridays and Thursdays or what) translates to consistent massive business - every weekend. ... That is what I' ve been involved in playing before [High revenue stream four weeks a month all year] ... THAT' s what I' m interested in. MUSIC -- Out and about as well as my own original compositions {which are on professionally recorded CDs available} - genres of music I play include: Rock (spanning the last 5 decades) 80s-90s-2000s pop music and soft rock some country progressive rock and just a wee bit of classical. Equipment: 2017 KORG B1 digital performance piano [Sounds like a quality piano] with powerful Hartke amp (if you don' t have a PA you' re hooking me up through) EXTRA BOOKING -- Parties seeking to book me to play a CONCERT of my own compositions: Email me at ... with the venue the duration I' m wanted to play and I' ll let you know my rates. I' ve played at benefits that were for a good cause free. * Booking agents looking possibly to book me to perform somewhere - - message me with information and your phone number and best time to call. There are certainly many bands and some ' duos' who play in North Carolina ... But if a solo instrumental player is wanted we can start a dialogue. Thanks for stopping by! - Padraic Smith

Padraic R Smith - Music is located at 35° 24' 47.725" N / 80° 40' 18.297" W / 35.413256811285; -80.67174911499

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