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GPS coordinates

Country nigeria
Geometry Type Point
latitude 10
longitude 8
DMS Lat 10° 0' 0" N
DMS Long 8° 0' 0" E
CSS Lat 10° 0' 0"
CSS Long 0h 32m 0s
UTM Easting 390,399.23
UTM Northing 1,105,578.59
UTM zone 32P
Category Countries
Country Code NG
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of nigeria is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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nigeria Infomation statics

capital Abuja
region Africa
subregion Western Africa
demonym Nigerian
population 186,988,000
native Name Nigeria

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 10, 8.

Nigeria ( (listen)), officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a sovereign country located in West Africa bordering Niger in the north, Chad in the northeast, Cameroon in the east, and Benin in the west. Its southern coast is on the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. Nigeria is a federal republic comprising 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, where the capital, Abuja, is located.
Nigeria has been home to a number of ancient and indigenous pre-colonial states and kingdoms over the millennia. The modern state originated from British colonial rule beginning in the 19th century, and took its present territorial shape with the merging of the Southern Nigeria Protectorate and Northern Nigeria Protectorate in 1914 by Lord Frederick Lugard. The British set up administrative and legal structures while practicing indirect rule through traditional chiefdoms; Nigeria became a formally independent federation on October 1, 1960. It experienced a civil war from 1967 to 1970. It thereafter alternated between democratically-elected civilian governments and military dictatorships until it achieved a stable democracy in 1999, with the 2015 presidential election marking the first time an incumbent president had lost re-election.A multinational state, Nigeria is inhabited by more than 250 ethnic groups with over 500 distinct languages all identifying with a wide variety of cultures. The three largest ethnic groups are the Hausa–Fulani in the north, Yoruba in the west, and Igbo in the east; comprising over 60% of the total population. The official language of Nigeria is English, chosen to facilitate linguistic unity at the national level. Nigeria is divided roughly in half between Muslims, who live mostly in the north, and Christians, who live mostly in the south. (Cameroon, adjacent to that portion, is predominantly Christian.) Nigeria has respectively, the fifth-largest Muslim population in the world and the sixth-largest Christian population in the world, with the constitution ensuring freedom of religion. A minority of the population practice religions indigenous to Nigeria, such as those native to the Igbo and Yoruba ethnicities.Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world, with an estimated 206 million inhabitants as of late 2019. Nigeria has the third-largest youth population in the world, after India and China, with more than 90 million of its population under the age of eighteen. Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa and is the world's 24th largest economy according to the list by the IMF (2020 estimates), worth more than $500 billion and $1 trillion in terms of nominal GDP and purchasing power parity, respectively. The 2013 debt-to-GDP ratio was 11 percent as of 2019 it has risen to an approximated figure of 16 percent. Nigeria is a lower middle-income economy with a gross national income per capita between $1,026 and $3,986. Nigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa", owing to its large population and economy, it is also considered to be an emerging market by the World Bank; it has been identified as a regional power on the African continent, a middle power in international affairs, and has also been identified as an emerging global power. However, its Human Development Index ranks 158th in the world.
Nigeria is a member of the MINT group of countries, which are widely seen as the globe's next "BRIC-like" economies. It is also listed among the "Next Eleven" economies set to become among the biggest in the world. Nigeria is a founding member of the African Union and a member of many other international organizations, including the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the ECOWAS, and OPEC.

Christ the Cornerstone Bible Church

latitude -2.8113711933311
longitude 13.359375
DMS Lat 2° 48' 40.936" S
DMS Long 13° 21' 33.75" E
CSS Lat -2° 48' 40.936"
CSS Long 0h 53m 26.25s
UTM Easting 317,632.80
UTM Northing 9,689,128.42

The Redeemed Christian Bible College, Chapel of Praise Abuja

latitude 9.0667
longitude 7.4833
DMS Lat 9° 4' 0.12" N
DMS Long 7° 28' 59.88" E
CSS Lat 9° 4' 0.12"
CSS Long 0h 29m 55.992s
UTM Easting 333,305.48
UTM Northing 1,002,574.10

New World Ministries. New World Bible Christian Church

latitude 4.75
longitude 7
DMS Lat 4° 45' 0" N
DMS Long 7° 0' 0" E
CSS Lat 4° 45' 0"
CSS Long 0h 28m 0s
UTM Easting 278,164.59
UTM Northing 525,350.49

Bible Believing Christian Ministry

latitude 7.7639644979783
longitude 4.5547522489891
DMS Lat 7° 45' 50.272" N
DMS Long 4° 33' 17.108" E
CSS Lat 7° 45' 50.272"
CSS Long 0h 18m 13.141s
UTM Easting 671,449.95
UTM Northing 858,518.22

The Bible Study

latitude 40.6492225
longitude -73.6664668
DMS Lat 40° 38' 57.201" N
DMS Long 73° 39' 59.28" W
CSS Lat 40° 38' 57.201"
CSS Long -4h 54m 39.952s
UTM Easting 612,746.22
UTM Northing 4,500,673.41

Degold Daily Bible Scripture

latitude 6.45306
longitude 3.39583
DMS Lat 6° 27' 11.016" N
DMS Long 3° 23' 44.988" E
CSS Lat 6° 27' 11.016"
CSS Long 0h 13m 34.999s
UTM Easting 543,769.10
UTM Northing 713,304.22

Bible LIFE Church Cathedral

latitude 6.4441265937423
longitude 3.323075451856
DMS Lat 6° 26' 38.856" N
DMS Long 3° 19' 23.072" E
CSS Lat 6° 26' 38.856"
CSS Long 0h 13m 17.538s
UTM Easting 535,724.76
UTM Northing 712,311.00

Daily Bible-Scripture Readings, Inspiration & Reflection

latitude 6.466370138752
longitude 3.3072874368083
DMS Lat 6° 27' 58.932" N
DMS Long 3° 18' 26.235" E
CSS Lat 6° 27' 58.932"
CSS Long 0h 13m 13.749s
UTM Easting 533,977.47
UTM Northing 714,768.85

God's Glory & Grace Bible Church

latitude 7.7089450250731
longitude 28.117843866348
DMS Lat 7° 42' 32.202" N
DMS Long 28° 7' 4.238" E
CSS Lat 7° 42' 32.202"
CSS Long 1h 52m 28.283s
UTM Easting 623,278.86
UTM Northing 852,282.83

Bible Study,Daily Manna and Higher Everyday DCLM

latitude 6.45471
longitude 3.38877
DMS Lat 6° 27' 16.956" N
DMS Long 3° 23' 19.572" E
CSS Lat 6° 27' 16.956"
CSS Long 0h 13m 33.305s
UTM Easting 542,988.28
UTM Northing 713,486.02