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GPS coordinates

Country greece
Geometry Type Point
latitude 39
longitude 22
DMS Lat 39° 0' 0" N
DMS Long 22° 0' 0" E
CSS Lat 39° 0' 0"
CSS Long 1h 28m 0s
UTM Easting 586,592.68
UTM Northing 4,317,252.16
UTM zone 34S
Category Countries
Country Code GR
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of greece is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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greece Infomation statics

capital Athens
region Europe
subregion Southern Europe
demonym Greek
population 10,858,018
native Name Ελλάδα

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 39, 22.

Greece (Greek: Ελλάδα, Ellada, [eˈlaða]), officially the Hellenic Republic, known also as Hellas, is a country located in Southeast Europe. Its population is approximately 10.7 million as of 2018; Athens, the nation's capital, is its largest city, followed by Thessaloniki.
Situated on the southern tip of the Balkans, Greece is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It shares land borders with Albania to the northwest, North Macedonia and Bulgaria to the north, and Turkey to the northeast. The Aegean Sea lies to the east of the mainland, the Ionian Sea to the west, the Cretan Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. Greece has the longest coastline on the Mediterranean Basin and the 11th longest coastline in the world at 13,676 km (8,498 mi) in length, featuring many islands, of which 227 are inhabited. Eighty percent of Greece is mountainous, with Mount Olympus being the highest peak at 2,918 metres (9,573 ft). The country consists of nine traditional geographic regions: Macedonia, Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, the Aegean Islands (including the Dodecanese and Cyclades), Thrace, Crete, and the Ionian Islands.
Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization, being the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, Western literature, historiography, political science, major scientific and mathematical principles, Western drama and the Olympic Games. From the eighth century B.C., the Greeks were organised into various independent city-states, known as poleis (singular polis), which spanned the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Philip II of Macedon united most of present-day Greece in the fourth century B.C., with his son Alexander the Great rapidly conquering much of the ancient world, from the eastern Mediterranean to India. The subsequent Hellenistic period saw the height of Greek culture and influence in antiquity. Greece was annexed by Rome in the second century B.C., becoming an integral part of the Roman Empire and its successor, the Byzantine Empire, which adopted the Greek language and culture. The Greek Orthodox Church, which emerged in the first century A.D., helped shape modern Greek identity and transmitted Greek traditions to the wider Orthodox world. After falling under Ottoman dominion in the mid-15th century, Greece emerged as a modern nation state in 1830 following a war of independence. The country's rich historical legacy is reflected in part by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Greece is a unitary parliamentary republic and developed country with an advanced high-income economy, a high quality of life, and a very high standard of living. Its economy is the largest in the Balkans, where it is an important regional investor. A founding member of the United Nations, Greece was the tenth member to join the European Communities (precursor to the European Union) and has been part of the Eurozone since 2001. It is also a member of numerous other international institutions, including the Council of Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), and the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). Greece's unique cultural heritage, large tourism industry, prominent shipping sector and geostrategic importance classify it as a middle power.

Paolo's BiceCream

latitude 40.626151633822
longitude 22.948637008667
DMS Lat 40° 37' 34.146" N
DMS Long 22° 56' 55.093" E
CSS Lat 40° 37' 34.146"
CSS Long 1h 31m 47.673s
UTM Easting 664,810.73
UTM Northing 4,499,082.92

Biblos Cafe-bar

latitude 40.67012
longitude 22.90849
DMS Lat 40° 40' 12.432" N
DMS Long 22° 54' 30.564" E
CSS Lat 40° 40' 12.432"
CSS Long 1h 31m 38.038s
UTM Easting 661,309.06
UTM Northing 4,503,889.49

Στέγη Bibliotheque

latitude 37.9863877
longitude 23.735236
DMS Lat 37° 59' 10.996" N
DMS Long 23° 44' 6.85" E
CSS Lat 37° 59' 10.996"
CSS Long 1h 34m 56.457s
UTM Easting 740,213.12
UTM Northing 4,207,835.20

Bibelot Creperie - Cafe

latitude 38.0017592
longitude 23.4207461
DMS Lat 38° 0' 6.333" N
DMS Long 23° 25' 14.686" E
CSS Lat 38° 0' 6.333"
CSS Long 1h 33m 40.979s
UTM Easting 712,545.41
UTM Northing 4,208,775.58

Bibelot 2

latitude 37.994117891516
longitude 23.339443553519
DMS Lat 37° 59' 38.824" N
DMS Long 23° 20' 21.997" E
CSS Lat 37° 59' 38.824"
CSS Long 1h 33m 21.466s
UTM Easting 705,427.26
UTM Northing 4,207,744.88

Billy's cafe bar

latitude 37.073617315721
longitude 22.431879074785
DMS Lat 37° 4' 25.022" N
DMS Long 22° 25' 54.765" E
CSS Lat 37° 4' 25.022"
CSS Long 1h 29m 43.651s
UTM Easting 627,283.69
UTM Northing 4,103,997.95

Billy's #2 Sandwich&hotdog

latitude 38.0273399
longitude 23.6981766
DMS Lat 38° 1' 38.424" N
DMS Long 23° 41' 53.436" E
CSS Lat 38° 1' 38.424"
CSS Long 1h 34m 47.562s
UTM Easting 736,826.02
UTM Northing 4,212,285.10

Bhavana Yoga Center

latitude 37.978056072551
longitude 23.727870062425
DMS Lat 37° 58' 41.002" N
DMS Long 23° 43' 40.332" E
CSS Lat 37° 58' 41.002"
CSS Long 1h 34m 54.689s
UTM Easting 739,593.23
UTM Northing 4,206,891.54

Segyourway Beyond Sightseeing Athens

latitude 37.96833
longitude 23.73008
DMS Lat 37° 58' 5.988" N
DMS Long 23° 43' 48.288" E
CSS Lat 37° 58' 5.988"
CSS Long 1h 34m 55.219s
UTM Easting 739,819.04
UTM Northing 4,205,817.81

Beyond Verve

latitude 38.30407
longitude 21.7912399
DMS Lat 38° 18' 14.652" N
DMS Long 21° 47' 28.464" E
CSS Lat 38° 18' 14.652"
CSS Long 1h 27m 9.898s
UTM Easting 569,181.45
UTM Northing 4,239,849.19