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Geographic coordinates of dominica

GPS coordinates

Country dominica
Geometry Type Point
latitude 15.41666666
longitude -61.33333333
DMS Lat 15° 24' 60" N
DMS Long 61° 19' 60" W
CSS Lat 15° 24' 60"
CSS Long -4h 5m 20s
UTM Easting 678,849.24
UTM Northing 1,705,103.67
UTM zone 20P
Category Countries
Country Code DM
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of dominica is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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dominica Infomation statics

capital Roseau
region Americas
subregion Caribbean
demonym Dominican
population 71,293
native Name Dominica

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 15.41666666, -61.33333333.

Dominica ( DOM-ih-NEE-kə or də-MIH-nih-kə; Island Carib: Wai‘tu kubuli; French: Dominique; Dominican Creole French: Dominik), officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island country in the Caribbean. The capital, Roseau, is located on the western side of the island. It is geographically situated as part of the Windward Islands chain in the Lesser Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. The island is located near Guadeloupe to the northwest and Martinique to the south-southeast. Its area is 750 km2 (290 sq mi), and the highest point is Morne Diablotins, at 1,447 m (4,747 ft) in elevation. The population was 71,293 at the 2011 census.The island was settled by the Arawak arriving from South America in the 5th century. The Island Caribs or Kalinagos displaced the Arawak by the 15th century. Columbus is said to have passed the island on Sunday 3 November 1493. It was later colonised by Europeans, predominantly by the French from the 1690s to 1763. The French imported enslaved people from West Africa to Dominica to work on coffee plantations. Great Britain took possession in 1763 after the Seven Years' War, and it gradually established English as its official language. The island gained independence as a republic in 1978.
Its name is locally pronounced with emphasis on the third syllable, related to its French name of Dominique and the Spanish pronunciation of its name. Dominica has been nicknamed the "Nature Isle of the Caribbean" for its natural environment. It is the youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, and in fact it is still being formed by geothermal-volcanic activity, as evidenced by the world's second-largest hot spring, called Boiling Lake. The island has lush mountainous rainforests, and it is the home of many rare plants, animals, and bird species. There are xeric areas in some of the western coastal regions, but heavy rainfall occurs inland. The sisserou parrot, also known as the imperial amazon and found only on Dominica, is the island's national bird and featured on the national flag, which is one of only two national flags containing the colour purple (the other being Nicaragua).

Grand Bay, Dominica

latitude 15.2333
longitude -61.3167
DMS Lat 15° 13' 59.88" N
DMS Long 61° 19' 0.12" W
CSS Lat 15° 13' 59.88"
CSS Long -4h 5m 16.008s
UTM Easting 680,792.19
UTM Northing 1,684,828.22

Irep268.767 Autosports & Entertainment

latitude 15.4
longitude -61.4333
DMS Lat 15° 24' 0" N
DMS Long 61° 25' 59.88" W
CSS Lat 15° 24' 0"
CSS Long -4h 5m 43.992s
UTM Easting 668,132.88
UTM Northing 1,703,179.10

The Bunny Chill

latitude 15.3
longitude -61.4
DMS Lat 15° 18' 0" N
DMS Long 61° 24' 0" W
CSS Lat 15° 18' 0"
CSS Long -4h 5m 36s
UTM Easting 671,789.13
UTM Northing 1,692,140.82

Bunny's Cakes N Catering

latitude 15.3
longitude -61.4
DMS Lat 15° 18' 0" N
DMS Long 61° 24' 0" W
CSS Lat 15° 18' 0"
CSS Long -4h 5m 36s
UTM Easting 671,789.13
UTM Northing 1,692,140.82

Toujour Haute Couture

latitude 15.29925
longitude -61.38695
DMS Lat 15° 17' 57.3" N
DMS Long 61° 23' 13.02" W
CSS Lat 15° 17' 57.3"
CSS Long -4h 5m 32.868s
UTM Easting 673,191.22
UTM Northing 1,692,068.20


latitude 15.3
longitude -61.4
DMS Lat 15° 18' 0" N
DMS Long 61° 24' 0" W
CSS Lat 15° 18' 0"
CSS Long -4h 5m 36s
UTM Easting 671,789.13
UTM Northing 1,692,140.82

Dj Astar T.C.M

latitude 15.582612293824
longitude -61.319417953491
DMS Lat 15° 34' 57.404" N
DMS Long 61° 19' 9.905" W
CSS Lat 15° 34' 57.404"
CSS Long -4h 5m 16.66s
UTM Easting 680,198.90
UTM Northing 1,723,477.23

Ashena's Acrylic

latitude 15.579079725439
longitude -61.45828931041
DMS Lat 15° 34' 44.687" N
DMS Long 61° 27' 29.842" W
CSS Lat 15° 34' 44.687"
CSS Long -4h 5m 49.989s
UTM Easting 665,308.13
UTM Northing 1,722,973.84

The Ruins

latitude 10.709209775212
longitude 122.98252161522
DMS Lat 10° 42' 33.155" N
DMS Long 122° 58' 57.078" E
CSS Lat 10° 42' 33.155"
CSS Long 8h 11m 55.805s
UTM Easting 498,088.75
UTM Northing 1,183,826.98

Areta's Mini Snackette & Bar

latitude 34.885930940753
longitude -10.546875
DMS Lat 34° 53' 9.351" N
DMS Long 10° 32' 48.75" W
CSS Lat 34° 53' 9.351"
CSS Long -0h 42m 11.25s
UTM Easting 358,643.50
UTM Northing 3,861,484.89