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Geographic coordinates of comoros

GPS coordinates

Country comoros
Geometry Type Point
latitude -12.16666666
longitude 44.25
DMS Lat 12° 9' 60" S
DMS Long 44° 15' 0" E
CSS Lat -12° 9' 60"
CSS Long 2h 57m 0s
UTM Easting 418,404.05
UTM Northing 8,654,904.02
UTM zone 38L
Category Countries
Country Code KM
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of comoros is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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comoros Infomation statics

capital Moroni
region Africa
subregion Eastern Africa
demonym Comoran
population 806,153
native Name Komori

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: -12.16666666, 44.25.

The Comoros ( (listen); Arabic: جزر القمر‎, Juzur al-Qumur / Qamar), officially the Union of the Comoros (Comorian: Udzima wa Komori, French: Union des Comores, Arabic: الاتحاد القمري‎ al-Ittiḥād al-Qumurī / Qamarī), is an island country in the Indian Ocean located at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel off the eastern coast of Africa. It shares maritime borders with Madagascar and the French region of Mayotte to the southeast, Tanzania to the northwest, Mozambique to the west, and the Seychelles to the northeast. The capital and largest city in Comoros is Moroni. In addition, the religion of the majority of the population, and the official state religion, is Sunni Islam. As a member of the Arab League, the Comoros is the only country in the Arab world which is entirely in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also a member state of the African Union, the Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and the Indian Ocean Commission. Furthermore, the Union of the Comoros has three official languages—Comorian, French, and Arabic.
At 1,861 km2 (719 sq mi), excluding the contested island of Mayotte, the Comoros is the fourth-smallest African nation by area. The population, excluding Mayotte, is estimated at 832,322 as of 2018. As a nation formed at a crossroads of different civilisations, the archipelago is noted for its diverse culture and history.
The sovereign state is an archipelago consisting of three major islands and numerous smaller islands, all in the volcanic Comoro Islands. The major islands are commonly known by their French names: northwesternmost Grande Comore (Ngazidja), Mohéli (Mwali), and Anjouan (Ndzuani). In addition, the country has a claim on a fourth major island, southeasternmost Mayotte (Maore), though Mayotte voted against independence from France in 1974, since it has never been administered by an independent Comoros government, and continues to be administered by France (currently as an overseas department). France has vetoed United Nations Security Council resolutions that would affirm Comorian sovereignty over the island. In addition, Mayotte became an overseas department and a region of France in 2011 following a referendum passed overwhelmingly.
The archipelago was first settled by Bantu speakers who came from East Africa, Arabs and Austronesians. It then became part of the French colonial empire during the 19th century, before becoming independent in 1975. Since declaring independence, the country has experienced more than 20 coups d'état or attempted coups, with various heads of state assassinated. Along with this constant political instability, the population of the Comoros lives with the worst income inequality of any nation, with a Gini coefficient over 60%, while also ranking in the worst quartile on the Human Development Index. As of 2008 about half the population lived below the international poverty line of US$1.25 a day. The French insular region of Mayotte, which is the most prosperous territory in the Mozambique Channel, is a major destination for migrants from the independent islands.

AGERIUS/Cabinet d'Avocat Mze Azad

latitude -11.70258488235
longitude 43.254976272583
DMS Lat 11° 42' 9.306" S
DMS Long 43° 15' 17.915" E
CSS Lat -11° 42' 9.306"
CSS Long 2h 53m 1.194s
UTM Easting 309,805.43
UTM Northing 8,705,746.00

Azali Assoumani - Comité de soutien

latitude -11.7042
longitude 43.2403
DMS Lat 11° 42' 15.12" S
DMS Long 43° 14' 25.08" E
CSS Lat -11° 42' 15.12"
CSS Long 2h 52m 57.672s
UTM Easting 308,206.48
UTM Northing 8,705,557.40

MCTV Anjouan

latitude -12.161009979484
longitude 44.403476715088
DMS Lat 12° 9' 39.636" S
DMS Long 44° 24' 12.516" E
CSS Lat -12° 9' 39.636"
CSS Long 2h 57m 36.834s
UTM Easting 435,100.74
UTM Northing 8,655,570.92

Smart Shahula

latitude -11.707291450933
longitude 43.248453140259
DMS Lat 11° 42' 26.249" S
DMS Long 43° 14' 54.431" E
CSS Lat -11° 42' 26.249"
CSS Long 2h 52m 59.629s
UTM Easting 309,097.48
UTM Northing 8,705,220.94

Comores Télécom

latitude -11.69219
longitude 43.25923
DMS Lat 11° 41' 31.884" S
DMS Long 43° 15' 33.228" E
CSS Lat -11° 41' 31.884"
CSS Long 2h 53m 2.215s
UTM Easting 310,262.10
UTM Northing 8,706,898.77

Công ty dược phẩm Pharmanex USA

latitude -11.69221
longitude 43.25919
DMS Lat 11° 41' 31.956" S
DMS Long 43° 15' 33.084" E
CSS Lat -11° 41' 31.956"
CSS Long 2h 53m 2.206s
UTM Easting 310,257.75
UTM Northing 8,706,896.53