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Country United States
Geometry Type Point
latitude 29.0650916
longitude -82.0681956
DMS Lat 29° 3' 54.33" N
DMS Long 82° 4' 5.504" W
CSS Lat 29° 3' 54.33"
CSS Long -5h 28m 16.367s
UTM Easting 396,019.87
UTM Northing 3,215,668.16
UTM zone 17R
Country Code US
Zoom Level 9

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 29.0650916, -82.0681956.

Chris Lietz Landscaping LLC focuses on the bigger picture for a overall satisfaction for our customers. We specialize in the new the unique the happening and the now. We concentrate on breaking through the limitations and creating the possibilities for innovative and inventive designs and structures. I am Chris Lietz and I invite you to explore the possibilities of creating a landscape atmosphere that you are proud of and eager to brag about. The experience our company offers is over thirteen years with residential and commercial clients in the Villages and throughout Central Florida. I started this business to provide an artistic view of modern houses and structures that the regular “yard maintenance man” can’t provide. I consider myself and my customer’s to be the artist and their home’s my canvas. Offering a service like this allows me to provide a stable atmosphere for my three children to grow up in and teaching them to be expressive and creative. Our company offers opportunity for all who are hardworking and willing to expand their skills and talent in the landscaping field. We pride ourselves in being the most uniquely qualified landscapers in Central Florida by offering advice on your ideas and customizing formats that fit each individual’s home. We have dedicated our business in exploring the imagination of our customer’s to create one of a kind landscape designs. We are confident of our qualities as an all around American company. Each customer we have the pleasure of providing these services for is able to speak with me directly at every job or an associate who is equally knowledgeable about the business. My father always told me if you’re going to do a job always do it right the first time. We guarantee the job will be to your satisfaction 100% the first time around. In our experience this allows for the customer to grow and be creative in their own way. Every job we work and complete gives the customer a TV Showcase experience with “drop the curtain” emotions. As they see the progress day to day the smile and joy you express is the motivation that inspires me to go above and beyond giving them perfection. Our entire staff will go through the journey with you showing the love and hard work we provide. The reflection our work provides often leaves you to be envied by their friends. Providing 5 star quality landscaping. I have three beautiful children that are my pride and joy. I enjoy nature and the wilderness and take them out as much as I can to show them the true beauty of the world. I love the outdoors and feeling the breeze brush by while I’m camping with my family and embracing creation. Providing a childhood full of positive possibilities is my goal for them. Family is my main inspiration for life.
Place Types:

Address: 10818 hwy 441 belleview Florida 34420 united states


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Where is Chris Lietz Landscaping?

    Chris Lietz Landscaping is located at: 10818 hwy 441 belleview Florida 34420 united states.

  • Where are the coordinates of Chris Lietz Landscaping?

    Latitude: 29° 3' 54.33" N
    Longitude: 82° 4' 5.504" W

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