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GPS coordinates

Country chile
Geometry Type Point
latitude -30
longitude -71
DMS Lat 30° 0' 0" S
DMS Long 71° 0' 0" W
CSS Lat -30° 0' 0"
CSS Long -4h 43m 60s
UTM Easting 307,084.89
UTM Northing 6,679,530.71
UTM zone 19J
Category Countries
Country Code CL
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of chile is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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chile Infomation statics

capital Santiago
region Americas
subregion South America
demonym Chilean
population 18,191,900
native Name Chile

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: -30, -71.

Chile ( (listen), ; Spanish: [ˈtʃile]), officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: República de Chile ), is a country in western South America. It occupies a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Chile covers an area of 756,096 square kilometres (291,930 sq mi) and has a population of 17.5 million as of 2017. The capital and largest city is Santiago and the national language is Spanish.
Chile borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Isla Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island in Oceania. Chile also claims about 1,250,000 square kilometres (480,000 sq mi) of Antarctica under the Chilean Antarctic Territory.Spain conquered and colonized the region in the mid-16th century, replacing Inca rule, but failing to conquer the independent Mapuche who inhabited what is now south-central Chile. After declaring independence from Spain in 1818, Chile emerged in the 1830s as a relatively stable authoritarian republic. In the 19th century, Chile saw significant economic and territorial growth, ending Mapuche resistance in the 1880s and gaining its current northern territory in the War of the Pacific (1879–83) after defeating Peru and Bolivia. In the 1960s and 1970s, the country experienced severe left-right political polarization and turmoil. This development culminated with the 1973 Chilean coup d'état that overthrew Salvador Allende's democratically elected left-wing government and instituted a 16-year right-wing military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet that left more than 3,000 people dead or missing. The regime ended in 1990 after a referendum in 1988 and was succeeded by a center-left coalition which ruled until 2010.
Chile is a World Bank high-income economy with high living standards. It is among South America's most economically and socially stable and prosperous nations and it leads Latin American nations in rankings of competitiveness, income per capita, globalization, state of peace, economic freedom, and low perception of corruption. It also ranks high regionally in sustainability of the state, and democratic development. Currently it also has the lowest homicide rate in the Americas after Canada. Chile is a founding member of the United Nations, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the Pacific Alliance, and joined the OECD in 2010.

Banco BICE

latitude -33.4411001
longitude -70.6551243
DMS Lat 33° 26' 27.96" S
DMS Long 70° 39' 18.447" W
CSS Lat -33° 26' 27.96"
CSS Long -4h 42m 37.23s
UTM Easting 346,150.65
UTM Northing 6,298,586.13

Mercado Central Santiago

latitude -33.433810732225
longitude -70.651092105345
DMS Lat 33° 26' 1.719" S
DMS Long 70° 39' 3.932" W
CSS Lat -33° 26' 1.719"
CSS Long -4h 42m 36.262s
UTM Easting 346,512.66
UTM Northing 6,299,400.39

Distribuidora Central

latitude -33.425605654919
longitude -70.655644228536
DMS Lat 33° 25' 32.18" S
DMS Long 70° 39' 20.319" W
CSS Lat -33° 25' 32.18"
CSS Long -4h 42m 37.355s
UTM Easting 346,074.96
UTM Northing 6,300,303.48

Taconeras , Parque Bicentenario

latitude -33.400696860447
longitude -70.601761881235
DMS Lat 33° 24' 2.509" S
DMS Long 70° 36' 6.343" W
CSS Lat -33° 24' 2.509"
CSS Long -4h 42m 24.423s
UTM Easting 351,042.39
UTM Northing 6,303,143.96

Liceo Bicentenario "Ciudad de los Ríos" Valdivia

latitude -39.830726173022
longitude -73.235095946796
DMS Lat 39° 49' 50.614" S
DMS Long 73° 14' 6.345" W
CSS Lat -39° 49' 50.614"
CSS Long -4h 52m 56.423s
UTM Easting 651,027.36
UTM Northing 5,589,540.08

Sushi Bicentenario

latitude -35.3292
longitude -72.42686
DMS Lat 35° 19' 45.12" S
DMS Long 72° 25' 36.696" W
CSS Lat -35° 19' 45.12"
CSS Long -4h 49m 42.446s
UTM Easting 733,885.27
UTM Northing 6,087,410.70

Barco Pirata Bicentenario

latitude -33.50222209586
longitude -70.704976628185
DMS Lat 33° 30' 8" S
DMS Long 70° 42' 17.916" W
CSS Lat -33° 30' 8"
CSS Long -4h 42m 49.194s
UTM Easting 341,627.45
UTM Northing 6,291,733.54

Liceo de Niñas de Viña del Mar

latitude -33.021444339045
longitude -71.550725011299
DMS Lat 33° 1' 17.2" S
DMS Long 71° 33' 2.61" W
CSS Lat -33° 1' 17.2"
CSS Long -4h 46m 12.174s
UTM Easting 261,747.35
UTM Northing 6,343,444.50

Liceo 7 Teresa Prats de Sarratea

latitude -33.470582765161
longitude -70.645841944983
DMS Lat 33° 28' 14.098" S
DMS Long 70° 38' 45.031" W
CSS Lat -33° 28' 14.098"
CSS Long -4h 42m 35.002s
UTM Easting 347,065.36
UTM Northing 6,295,330.61

Liceo Bicentenario Bicentenario De Coronel Coronel

latitude -36.98552
longitude -73.1534099
DMS Lat 36° 59' 7.872" S
DMS Long 73° 9' 12.276" W
CSS Lat -36° 59' 7.872"
CSS Long -4h 52m 36.818s
UTM Easting 664,341.41
UTM Northing 5,905,140.38