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Geographic coordinates of canada

GPS coordinates

Country canada
Geometry Type Point
latitude 60
longitude -95
DMS Lat 60° 0' 0" N
DMS Long 95° 0' 0" W
CSS Lat 60° 0' 0"
CSS Long -6h 19m 60s
UTM Easting 388,455.96
UTM Northing 6,653,097.44
UTM zone 15V
Category Countries
Country Code CA
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of canada is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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canada Infomation statics

capital Ottawa
region Americas
subregion Northern America
demonym Canadian
population 36,155,487
native Name Canada

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 60, -95.

Canada is a country in the northern part of North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres (3.85 million square miles), making it the world's second-largest country by total area. Its southern and western border with the United States, stretching 8,891 kilometres (5,525 mi), is the world's longest bi-national land border. Canada's capital is Ottawa, and its three largest metropolitan areas are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
Various indigenous peoples inhabited what is now Canada for thousands of years before European colonization. Beginning in the 16th century, British and French expeditions explored and later settled along the Atlantic coast. As a consequence of various armed conflicts, France ceded nearly all of its colonies in North America in 1763. In 1867, with the union of three British North American colonies through Confederation, Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces. This began an accretion of provinces and territories and a process of increasing autonomy from the United Kingdom. This widening autonomy was highlighted by the Statute of Westminster of 1931 and culminated in the Canada Act of 1982, which severed the vestiges of legal dependence on the British parliament.
Canada is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy in the Westminster tradition, with a monarch and a prime minister who serves as the chair of the Cabinet and head of government. The country is a realm within the Commonwealth of Nations, a member of the Francophonie and officially bilingual at the federal level. It ranks among the highest in international measurements of government transparency, civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education. It is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many other countries. Canada's long and complex relationship with the United States has had a significant impact on its economy and culture.
As a developed country, Canada has the seventeenth-highest nominal per-capita income globally as well as the thirteenth-highest ranking in the Human Development Index. Its advanced economy is the tenth-largest in the world, relying chiefly upon its abundant natural resources and well-developed international trade networks. Canada is part of several major international and intergovernmental institutions or groupings including the United Nations, NATO, the G7, the Group of Ten, the G20, the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

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latitude 46.850337003686
longitude -71.246976779475
DMS Lat 46° 51' 1.213" N
DMS Long 71° 14' 49.116" W
CSS Lat 46° 51' 1.213"
CSS Long -4h 44m 59.274s
UTM Easting 328,698.65
UTM Northing 5,190,984.04

Musquodoboit Valley Bicentennial Theatre

latitude 45.04454
longitude -63.1507
DMS Lat 45° 2' 40.344" N
DMS Long 63° 9' 2.52" W
CSS Lat 45° 2' 40.344"
CSS Long -4h 12m 36.168s
UTM Easting 488,131.74
UTM Northing 4,987,909.29

Aubrey's Closet - Bandana Bibs

latitude 43.44536
longitude -80.56349
DMS Lat 43° 26' 43.296" N
DMS Long 80° 33' 48.564" W
CSS Lat 43° 26' 43.296"
CSS Long -5h 22m 15.238s
UTM Easting 535,321.18
UTM Northing 4,810,365.72

Bibliothèque publique de Tracadie

latitude 47.51215
longitude -64.90917
DMS Lat 47° 30' 43.74" N
DMS Long 64° 54' 33.012" W
CSS Lat 47° 30' 43.74"
CSS Long -4h 19m 38.201s
UTM Easting 356,249.33
UTM Northing 5,263,846.46

La Remise - Bibliothèque d'outils

latitude 45.5392075
longitude -73.6329498
DMS Lat 45° 32' 21.147" N
DMS Long 73° 37' 58.619" W
CSS Lat 45° 32' 21.147"
CSS Long -4h 54m 31.908s
UTM Easting 606,728.93
UTM Northing 5,043,761.20

Maison de la culture de Côte-des-Neiges

latitude 45.49592
longitude -73.62224
DMS Lat 45° 29' 45.312" N
DMS Long 73° 37' 20.064" W
CSS Lat 45° 29' 45.312"
CSS Long -4h 54m 29.338s
UTM Easting 607,647.59
UTM Northing 5,038,966.39

Bibliothèque de Warwick

latitude 45.94365
longitude -71.98852
DMS Lat 45° 56' 37.14" N
DMS Long 71° 59' 18.672" W
CSS Lat 45° 56' 37.14"
CSS Long -4h 47m 57.245s
UTM Easting 268,360.52
UTM Northing 5,092,130.08

Bibliothèque publique de Grand-Sault / Grand Falls Public Library

latitude 47.04472
longitude -67.74235
DMS Lat 47° 2' 40.992" N
DMS Long 67° 44' 32.46" W
CSS Lat 47° 2' 40.992"
CSS Long -4h 30m 58.164s
UTM Easting 595,533.22
UTM Northing 5,210,901.13

Campbellton Centennial Library / Bibliothèque du centenaire de Campbellton

latitude 48.004287245166
longitude -66.676052293782
DMS Lat 48° 0' 15.434" N
DMS Long 66° 40' 33.788" W
CSS Lat 48° 0' 15.434"
CSS Long -4h 26m 42.253s
UTM Easting 673,336.76
UTM Northing 5,319,389.98

Bibliothèque Louise-Lalonde-Lamarre Polytechnique Montréal

latitude 45.50438826
longitude -73.61349265
DMS Lat 45° 30' 15.798" N
DMS Long 73° 36' 48.574" W
CSS Lat 45° 30' 15.798"
CSS Long -4h 54m 27.238s
UTM Easting 608,314.80
UTM Northing 5,039,918.95