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GPS coordinates

Country barbados
Geometry Type Point
latitude 13.16666666
longitude -59.53333333
DMS Lat 13° 9' 60" N
DMS Long 59° 31' 60" W
CSS Lat 13° 9' 60"
CSS Long -3h 58m 8s
UTM Easting 225,385.62
UTM Northing 1,456,950.43
UTM zone 21P
Category Countries
Country Code BB
Zoom Level 9
Coordinates of barbados is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format

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barbados Infomation statics

capital Bridgetown
region Americas
subregion Caribbean
demonym Barbadian
population 285,000
native Name Barbados

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 13.16666666, -59.53333333.

Barbados ( (listen) or ) is an island country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies, in the Caribbean region of North America. It is 34 kilometres (21 miles) in length and up to 23 km (14 mi) in width, covering an area of 432 km2 (167 sq mi). It is in the western area of the North Atlantic and 100 km (62 mi) east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean Sea; therein, Barbados is east of the Windwards, part of the Lesser Antilles, roughly at 13°N of the equator. It is about 168 km (104 mi) east of both the countries of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and 180 km (110 mi) south-east of Martinique and 400 km (250 mi) north-east of Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is outside the principal Atlantic hurricane belt. Its capital and largest city is Bridgetown.
Inhabited by Kalinago people since the 13th century, and prior to that by other Amerindians, Barbados was visited by Spanish navigators in the late 15th century and claimed for the Spanish Crown. It first appeared on a Spanish map in 1511. The Portuguese Empire claimed the island between 1532 and 1536, but later abandoned it in 1620 with their only remnants being an introduction of wild boars for a good supply of meat whenever the island was visited, and to replenish their supply of freshwater. An English ship, the Olive Blossom, arrived in Barbados on 14 May 1625; its men took possession of it in the name of King James I. In 1627, the first permanent settlers arrived from England, and it became an English and later British colony. As a wealthy sugar colony, it became an English centre of the African slave trade until that trade was outlawed by the Slave Trade Act 1807, with final emancipation of slaves in Barbados occurring over a period of years following the Slavery Abolition Act 1833.
On 30 November 1966, Barbados became an independent state and Commonwealth realm with Elizabeth II as its queen, though the country is set to remove her as its head of state and become a republic by 30 November 2021. It has a population of 287,010 people, predominantly of African descent. Despite being classified as an Atlantic island, Barbados is considered to be a part of the Caribbean, where it is ranked as a leading tourist destination. Of the tourists, 40% come from the UK, with the US and Canada making up the next large groups of visitors to the island.

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latitude 13.093026258135
longitude -59.591654252615
DMS Lat 13° 5' 34.895" N
DMS Long 59° 35' 29.955" W
CSS Lat 13° 5' 34.895"
CSS Long -3h 58m 21.997s
UTM Easting 218,975.94
UTM Northing 1,448,863.69

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latitude 13.154083530396
longitude -59.624905586243
DMS Lat 13° 9' 14.701" N
DMS Long 59° 37' 29.66" W
CSS Lat 13° 9' 14.701"
CSS Long -3h 58m 29.977s
UTM Easting 215,438.45
UTM Northing 1,455,659.49

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latitude 13.1
longitude -59.6167
DMS Lat 13° 6' 0" N
DMS Long 59° 37' 0.12" W
CSS Lat 13° 6' 0"
CSS Long -3h 58m 28.008s
UTM Easting 216,266.42
UTM Northing 1,449,663.63

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latitude 13.106543582765
longitude -59.626257419586
DMS Lat 13° 6' 23.557" N
DMS Long 59° 37' 34.527" W
CSS Lat 13° 6' 23.557"
CSS Long -3h 58m 30.302s
UTM Easting 215,236.97
UTM Northing 1,450,398.71

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latitude 13.067428192222
longitude -59.568941935278
DMS Lat 13° 4' 2.741" N
DMS Long 59° 34' 8.191" W
CSS Lat 13° 4' 2.741"
CSS Long -3h 58m 16.546s
UTM Easting 221,411.46
UTM Northing 1,446,005.15

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latitude 13.06473
longitude -59.565667
DMS Lat 13° 3' 53.028" N
DMS Long 59° 33' 56.401" W
CSS Lat 13° 3' 53.028"
CSS Long -3h 58m 15.76s
UTM Easting 221,763.80
UTM Northing 1,445,702.89

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latitude 13.1054099
longitude -59.61149
DMS Lat 13° 6' 19.476" N
DMS Long 59° 36' 41.364" W
CSS Lat 13° 6' 19.476"
CSS Long -3h 58m 26.758s
UTM Easting 216,837.90
UTM Northing 1,450,256.60

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latitude 13.083924924362
longitude -59.567447304726
DMS Lat 13° 5' 2.13" N
DMS Long 59° 34' 2.81" W
CSS Lat 13° 5' 2.13"
CSS Long -3h 58m 16.187s
UTM Easting 221,592.17
UTM Northing 1,447,829.49

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latitude 13.10590767312
longitude -59.57915541308
DMS Lat 13° 6' 21.268" N
DMS Long 59° 34' 44.959" W
CSS Lat 13° 6' 21.268"
CSS Long -3h 58m 18.997s
UTM Easting 220,346.63
UTM Northing 1,450,275.64

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latitude 13.287396851409
longitude -59.649410247803
DMS Lat 13° 17' 14.629" N
DMS Long 59° 38' 57.877" W
CSS Lat 13° 17' 14.629"
CSS Long -3h 58m 35.858s
UTM Easting 212,936.41
UTM Northing 1,470,444.44