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Ashford Elementary School Geographic Information

Country United States
Geometry Type Point
latitude 31.176953739707
longitude -85.229774078876
DMS Lat 31° 10' 37.033" N
DMS Long 85° 13' 47.187" W
CSS Lat 31° 10' 37.033"
CSS Long -5h 40m 55.146s
UTM Easting 668,696.17
UTM Northing 3,450,562.49
UTM zone 16R
Country Code US
Zoom Level 9

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 31.176953739707, -85.229774078876.

PTO Officers are nominated and then elected by AES faculty and attending parents during the first meeting on the school year. We hold open meetings four times during the school year on the first Tuesday following Progress Reports release. Dates and times are listed on this page and are updated every school year. Meeting dates and times are also available through the Ashford Elementary School Code of Conduct the AES school web site and through school backpack flyers. Parents and/or Teachers should contact the PTO with questions about any PTO programs currently in place as well as any ideas for new programs that would enrich our school community or provide financial support for school programs. Our organization is open for suggestions ideas and greatly appreciates and encourages parent involvement.
Place Types:

Address: 100 Barfield St Ashford 36312


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Where is Ashford Elementary School?

Ashford Elementary School is located at: 100 Barfield St Ashford 36312.

Where are the coordinates of Ashford Elementary School?

Latitude: 31° 10' 37.033" N
Longitude: 85° 13' 47.187" W

What is Ashford Elementary School’s official website?

Ashford Elementary School’s official website is

What is Ashford Elementary School’s facebook page?

Ashford Elementary School’s facebook page is