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Country United States
Geometry Type Point
latitude 33.1141891
longitude -87.5518112
DMS Lat 33° 6' 51.081" N
DMS Long 87° 33' 6.52" W
CSS Lat 33° 6' 51.081"
CSS Long -5h 50m 12.435s
UTM Easting 448,518.28
UTM Northing 3,664,081.51
UTM zone 16S
Category Government Organization
Country Code US
Zoom Level 9

Latitude and longitude coordinates are: 33.1141891, -87.5518112.

The 31st Chemical Brigade headquartered in Tuscaloosa Alabama is the only major chemical organization located in the State of Alabama. The 31st Chemical Brigade has existed with its present configuration designation and capability for the past 6 years. Some of its subordinate elements can trace their lineage back over 140 years. For example the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 31st Chemical Brigade can trace its lineage to “Captain Rodes” Company of Alabama Volunteers “The Warrior Guards ” which was mustered into Confederate service May 5 1861 as Company H 5th Alabama Infantry. The Headquarters Company underwent a series of redesignations and assignments beginning in 1865 as the Alabama Volunteer Militia the 2nd Alabama Volunteer Infantry the 4th Infantry and 167th Infantry the 77th Infantry Brigade 39th Division the 61st Infantry Brigade and 62nd Infantry Brigade 31st Division the 200th Infantry Regiment the 2d Brigade 31st Infantry Division the 31st Brigade 30th Armored Division the 31st Separate Armored Brigade and the 122nd Chemical Brigade. On 30 September 2002 it was designated as HQS and HQS Detachment 31st Chemical Brigade. The Brigade proudly wears the patch and continues the lineage of the 31st Infantry Division. The 31st Infantry Division was organized at Camp Wheeler Georgia in October of 1917. Almost from the beginning it was known as the Dixie Division a fitting name for a unit whose regiments and artillery came from Alabama and other “Deep South” States. During World War I the 31st Division became a replacement Division and most of its personnel were thrown in the front lines of the American Expeditionary Forces. The 31st Division returned to the United States in December of 1919 for demobilization. In 1923 the 31st Division was reorganized as a National Guard Division with component units located in Alabama Florida Louisiana and Mississippi. For participation in World War II the 31st Dixie Division was federalized on 25 November 1940 and later saw action in the Pacific Theater half a world away from earlier World War I experiences. Various units of the Division participated in the landing on New Guinea and Morotai and earned commendations for their participation in the campaigns in the Western Pacific on New Guinea (with arrowhead) and throughout the Southern Philippines. Here it was presented the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation. After cessation of hostilities in the Pacific the Dixie Division sailed for home. It was deactivated on December 21 1945. The 31st Infantry (Dixie) Division was reorganized as a National Guard Division on December 16 1946 with units in Alabama and Mississippi. The Dixie Division again settled down to its dual role which was short lived. On January 15 1951 the Dixie Division was mobilized for service during the Korean War. The Division conducted training at Ft Jackson moved to Camp Atterbury Indiana where its mission was to train soldiers for deployment to Korea and provide replacements for deployed units. On June 15 1954 the 31st Infantry division was deactivated and returned to National Guard status. Active Duty subordinate units were reorganized to become the 8th Infantry Division. The 31st Infantry (NGUS) Division was reorganized with units from Alabama and Mississippi. The 31st Infantry (DIXIE) Division served as a National Guard division until it was deactivated on January 14 1968. During the 15 year interval units of the Dixie Division were called on many times to perform both state and federal missions. Following deactivation in 1968 local units became a part of the 30th Armored “Volunteers” Division which was originally headquartered in the State of Tennessee and was composed of units in Alabama Tennessee and Mississippi. Alabama was allotted a major headquarters the 31st Brigade 30th Armored Division located in Tuscaloosa. In 1973 the 30th Armored Division was deactivated and Alabama was assigned a new major headquarters the 31st Separate Armored Brigade. In 2002 the 31st Separate Armored Brigade was deactivated and Alabama was again assigned a new major headquarters the 122nd Chemical Brigade later redesignated as the 31st Chemical (DIXIE) Brigade. In 2009 the 31st CBRN BDE deployed two subordinate Battalions 151st CBRN BN and 203rd MP BN in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 151st CBRN BN conducted Mayor Cell and Force Protection Operations at Camp Buering Kuwait. 203rd MP BN conducted Police Transition Team Operations and Base Closures throughout their Area of Operations in Iraq. In 2011 the 31st CBRN BDE responded to the Super Outbreak which was recorded as the largest costliest and deadliest tornado outbreaks ever recorded. The 31st CBRN BDE and the Alabama National Guard had under 2000 troops deployed throughout the state conducting different operations from search and rescue operations manning Points of Distribution (POD) sites and area security operations. In 2012 the 31st CBRN BDE was called upon again to support Defense Departments CBRN Response Enterprise became Command and Control CBRN Response Element-Bravo (C2CRE-B) Headquarters comprised of National Guard Soldiers of Alabama Florida and Kentucky and executed the biggest convoy movement since WWII. In 2013 the 31st CBRN BDE realigned itself under the C2CRE-B Enterprise as TF OPS which controlled the majority of the CBRN Assets to include Recon/ Decon Search and Extraction and Medical Units. The 31st CBRN BDE officially came off mission 1 June 2016 completing 4 Vibrant Response Exercises. The 145th CBRN BN played a major role in the CBRN Enterprise by employing the CBRNE Enhanced Response Force Package (CERF-P) and stand ready to deploy respond and assist in the support of Homeland Security. The 877th EN BN has supported Operation Resolute Castle from building roads to updating buildings at the Romanian Training Center. Elements of the 203rd MP BN and 151st CBRN BN are also partnering with their Romanian Warfighter functions with both MP and CBRN Training. The 46th CST is a Title 10 entity whose purpose is to provide military unique capabilities expertise and technologies to assist State Governors to prepare for and respond to CBRNE incidents. Team must complement and enhance State CBRNE response capabilities. The 440th Transportation Theater Opening Element participated in the Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise 2014 which is the biggest U.S. - South Korea war game. The computer simulations took place across the peninsula and allowed the two militaries to evaluate and exercise capabilities ranging from military intelligence logistics joint air procedures and plans and systems including Combined Space Operations. The 115th has provided training support to many multi-COMPO units throughout CONUS Warfighter Exercises (WFX) and Exportable Combat Training Capability (XCTC) exercises as well as OCONUS training operations including Romania and Bulgaria. And is currently scheduled for deployment in 2017-2018 Today the 31st Chemical (DIXIE) Brigade continues the lineage of the 31st Infantry (DIXIE) Division. This illustrious heritage has established a standard of dedication to duty and mission performance which is maintained and carried on by the personnel of the present day 31st Chemical (DIXIE) Brigade. The 31st Chemical (DIXIE) Brigade is presently composed of the Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment the 145th Chemical Battalion the 151st Chemical Battalion the 203rd Military Police Battalion 115th Expeditionary Signal Battalion 877th Engineer Battalion 46th Civil Support Team and the 440 Theater Operating Element. The 31st CBRN BDE and their subordinate units have had numerous wartime deployments and have received many awards for their meritorious service during the Global War on Terrorism. For the past 134 years units of the present day 31st Chemical (DIXIE) Brigade have served both Alabama and the United States.”

Address: 31st Chemical Brigade 10300 Hwy 69 S Tuscaloosa Alabama 35405
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/31stCBRNBDE/

Phone: (205) 330-8110

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Where is 31st CBRN BDE?

31st CBRN BDE is located at: 31st Chemical Brigade 10300 Hwy 69 S Tuscaloosa Alabama 35405.

What is the phone number of 31st CBRN BDE?

31st CBRN BDE’s phone number is (205) 330-8110

Where are the coordinates of 31st CBRN BDE?

Latitude: 33° 6' 51.081" N
Longitude: 87° 33' 6.52" W

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What is 31st CBRN BDE’s facebook page?

31st CBRN BDE’s facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/31stCBRNBDE/